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2023 Corporate Sustainability Report

Boxley 360, our corporate social responsibility program, drives Boxley’s ongoing commitment to be an outstanding employer, business partner, and corporate citizen. The program is led by Team 360, a dedicated group of employees representing all facets of our business. Our Summit Mission, Vision, and Values guide our Team 360 employee leaders in choosing initiatives that make a meaningful impact in our communities and for our employees. Their enthusiasm and drive for the pursuit of excellence are contagious, as demonstrated in this year’s report. We are proud of them and their work and look forward to another great year of connecting with our communities in 2024.

VTRC Chooses Boxley for Innovative Asphalt Research

Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, was chosen by the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) to test Gipave, a recycled plastic product that can reduce the amount of liquid asphalt required in roadway paving.

This trial is paving the way to a greener future for the asphalt industry.” – Ryan Kesler, Asphalt Operations Area Manager, Boxley Asphalt (Salem).

The recycled plastic pellets, Gipave, are a patented high-tech design developed by the Italian company Iterchimica. First used outside Rome in 2018, this innovative technology keeps non-reusable plastics out of landfills and gives them a purpose.

“For this trial, the plastic was an additive. But in the future, we’re looking at being able to cut down on the amount of liquid asphalt in our designs, lowering the amount of gases released into the atmosphere.” –Andre Royal, Quality Control Manager Boxley Asphalt (Salem)

Boxley Quality Control Technicians designed the asphalt mixture earlier this year and provided it to Iterchimica engineers, who determined the amount of pellets needed for the trial. To prove its ability to outlast other designs, increasing the time between repaves and patch jobs, the Gipave stretch is paved alongside a “normal” Boxley mixture.

Boxley team doing VTRC plastic trial
Left to right: Troy Deeds (VTRC), Derek Lister (VTRC), Luca Iterchimica (Interchimica), Daniel Wright (Boxley Asphalt), Andre Royal (Boxley Asphalt)

Iterchimica’s revolutionary product will be a more accessible and cost-effective option with the expansion of its operation to the States.

“Just few words are not enough to thank you for the opportunity and the experience of working together in order to pave the future. Suggestions on how to use this new technology based on recycled plastic were well accepted and put into practice, showing Boxley’s strongest characteristic which is a reliable, qualified and professional team, constantly working towards excellence through collaboration.” -Luca Iterchimica, Civil Engineer, Iterchimica

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Boxley’s Community Impact Goes Year Round

At Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, employees provide community support across Southwest Virginia by holding donation drives throughout the year. In 2023, we collected peanut butter for Food for Kids, essential items for Veterans Affairs through the Red Cross, and school supplies for a multitude of elementary schools.

Food For Kids

Our Support Center in Blue Ridge, Virginia, holds an annual peanut butter drive to support Food For Kids Weekend Pack-A-Sack. This program provides a bag of meals every weekend during the school year to eligible elementary school students to combat child hunger.

We offer further assistance by volunteering monthly to pack and deliver the bags to the various schools.

Boxley Food for Kids event donations
Boxley Food for Kids team
Boxley peanut butter drive donation event

Veterans Affairs

An employee spearheads donations for Veteran Affairs at our Fieldale, VA, location. They started in 2021 and steamed from Boxley trying to find ways to help our communities during COVID

This year, our Fieldale team collected:

  • Toothpaste — 170 Tubes
  • Bodywash — 78 bottles
  • Bar Soap — 372 bars
  • Razors — 68 packs (3 to 10 per pack)
  • Laundry Pods — 35 packs
  • Shampoo — 98 bottles
  • Deodorant — 84
  • Toothbrushes — 78
  • Hot Chocolate — 23 boxes
  • Toboggans — 27, his and hers
  • Warm socks — 16 pairs

“It’s not about me. It’s not about Boxley. It’s about sustainability… it’s become a matter of heart,” Edna Hall, Inside Sales at Fieldale

Fill the Bucket

2023 was our inaugural school supply donation drive; our employees showed up across all locations. After the two-week campaign at the end of August, our boxes overflowed—we had too many individual items to count!

Kids at Boxley Fill the Bucket event
Boxley school supply charity drive

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Explore The Earth at A Boxley Quarry

Boxley, a Summit Materials Company, hosts and participates in STEM-compliant programs that give future generations a stone-solid foundation for success.

Explore the Earth

We have a long history of working with elementary schools and teachers through our geology presentation and quarry tour that meet Virginia’s 5th-grade SOL standards.

Students learn about everything from the mining process, mining safety, and why mining and aggregate are essential to daily life. Then, during their tour, they witness a quarry during regular operating hours from our overlook.

“It’s great to be a part of the education process; most people don’t realize everything we would lose without aggregate. Metals, glass, plastics, carpet, vinyl siding, bricks, block, concrete, paved roads, the list goes on.” – Josh Wilson, Director of Product Support

Our partnership with The Virginia Museum of Natural History began in 2019 with a $10,000 gift to help the museum deliver various STEM-based educational programs. Held in-person and virtually, VMNH staff produces various programs to benefit schools, families, and general audiences throughout Virginia and beyond.

If you are an educator interested in setting up an Explore the Earth quarry tour for your students at one of our locations throughout southwest and central Virginia, please contact us at or 1 (888) 442-8878.

Helping Virginia Stay Beautiful

Buckingham Slate Adopt A Highway Sign

Across Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, our employees organize and perform road and river cleanups to help keep the communities we live and work in clean and beautiful.

Our aggregate and slate team at Arvonia Quarry/Buckingham Slate adopted a two-mile stretch of Rt. 15 near our location.

Led by Frank Davis, the Lynchburg Asphalt Plant Crew adopted a portion of John Capron Road near our plant.

Boxley Materials Adopt A Highway Sign

And we’re not stopping there.

Stay tuned as employees take to the water later this year for the first Craig’s Creek clean-up since COVID and the annual Smith River clean-up.

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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Boxley 360, our corporate social responsibility program, drives Boxley’s ongoing commitment to be an outstanding employer, business partner, and corporate citizen. This effort is led by a group of dynamic and committed employees chosen from all facets of our company called Team 360.

In addition to their daily business and personal responsibilities, Team 360 members continually step up and go the extra mile to find meaningful ways to engage with our employees, customers and communities, exemplifying our values. We are inspired by the energy, ideas and commitment of Team 360, and look forward to their continued success as they drive Boxley’s pursuit of excellence in all we do.

Tom Roller
Director of Support Services

Boxley Receives Recognition for Land Reclamation Project

At Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, we continually seek ways to practice environmental stewardship.

In 2022, we received the Virginia Land Reclamation Award from the Virginia Department of Energy and the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) for the reclamation project at Boxley Blue Ridge quarry—we’re considered one of the best in the state!

Exceeding Virginia Energy Department standards for safety, stability, environmental responsibility, and appearance, the reclamation included engineering proper slopes for safety and stability, planting premium seed mix to create an attractive vegetative cover for soil stabilization, and benching the slopes to channel stormwater runoff into the quarry pit. As a result, the quarry operation meets 100% of its production water needs captured rainwater which is recycled.

We don’t stop there; click here to look at our Corporate Responsibility Reports and learn more about Boxley’s continued efforts to be Greener. Better. Smarter.

We have some big plans for 2023!

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Our 2022 A-Z Tour is a Wrap

Over the past year, we’ve been highlighting employees, opportunities, products, and more to expand your knowledge about Boxley, a Summit Materials Company, careers in construction, and the everyday functions of construction in our communities.

Check out the lists below and see what you may have missed.

It’s been a Wonderful eXtraordinary Year, and we are Zealously anticipating 2023!

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Boxley Values Employees and Employees Pay It Forward

Boxley, a Company of Summit Materials, adds value to employees’ lives and presents opportunities to give back as they see fit—including involvement with United Way.

Value Given

Competitive compensation, safety incentive bonuses, and engaging benefits allow employees to take care of themselves and their families in the best way they see fit. Click below to catch up on articles you may have missed where we’ve highlighted different employee benefits.

Value Received

“Once, in an interview, I was asked what I wanted on my tombstone. My response was ‘that I made a difference in someone’s life.’ United Way gives me that opportunity. Giving and being able to make a difference in anyone’s life is the best feeling you can have. With Boxley matching my donation, that makes my giving help so much more!” – Sherry Foutz, former Executive Assistant, 96 Years of Pledges.

Whether through volunteerism, product donations, or financial support, we are dedicated to helping improve the quality of life in the communities where we work, live, and play. To increase our impact in these areas, we encourage our employees to get involved with company-sponsored events like the United Way Day of Caring and donate to the 100% company-matched annual pledge.

In 2022, 223 Boxley employees pledged $28,010.59 for a total company donation of $56,021.18 bringing the total United Way giving to $2.045 million since 2000.

Check out the following ways employees have gotten involved and how our local United Way has recognized us.

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Some Boxley Employees Travel — We Keep Them Connected

Boxley’s Team360 gives skid steer operators like Lee Butler and Isaiah Andrews the opportunity to stay connected with company information even when they’re on the road for up to a week at a time.

Life Of a Skid Steer Operator

“I’ve always worked construction, but I wanted to be on the road with an asphalt paving crew, driving small equipment. Boxley, a Summit Materials Company, provided me with that opportunity, and I’m glad I took it. I work with the best crew ever,” says Lee Butler, Salem Paving Crew (pictured above).

Lee and Isaiah start their days by preparing asphalt equipment and determining the job site’s needs. It’s then their responsibility to operate the skid steer, a four-wheel or two-track machine that prepares the roadbed for new paving by removing asphalt millings and stones, which are recycled at the asphalt plant to make new asphalt.

Isaiah Andrews, Lynchburg paving crew, started as a general laborer before passing his Tasks Training certification to become a skid steer driver. He suggests, “Show up to work ready to learn with a positive attitude, and you can grow within the company and reach your personal goals.”

Being on the road is a large part of joining our paving crews. Lee and Isaiah agree, “Getting to see different areas of Virginia, basically, every other week is a lot better than being stuck in the same spot every day. And Boxley works hard to keep us connected and informed with what’s going on at the company.”

By employing the use of smartphones, the Boxley TeamApp, and internal TV networks, the communication team bridged the gap for those who work odd hours or are on the road. Employees can access safety updates, intercompany communication, prize-awarding contests, and more without a company email.

Isaiah Andrews
Isaiah Andrews of Lynchburg’s paving crew

Whether your desired career path involves an office, job site, or traveling, check out our job listings and come to a company that will keep you connected. If you have interest or questions about pursuing a career within the Summit Materials family, please get in touch with Manisha Hall at (540) 777-7613.