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United Way Logo History

96 Years of Pledges

Since 1924 Boxley has partnered with and donated to United Way, which works to strengthen education, financial stability, and health in our communities. Boxley holds an annual giving campaign to encourage our employees to make any donation they can and then matches all donations received. With a total of $117,416 in 2021 pledges, Boxley ounce again achieved its goal of increasing donations year over year.

United Way distributes the funds where they are needed most with a focus on supporting programs that will help break the cycle of poverty. One of the advantages of giving to United Way is the flexibility it provides our employees to direct their donations to participating United Way organizations meaningful to them.

“Once in an interview, I was asked what I wanted on my tombstone. My response was ‘that I made a difference in someone’s life.’ United Way gives me that opportunity. Giving and being able to make a difference in anyone’s life is the best feeling you can have. With Boxley matching my donation, that makes my giving help so much more!”—Sherry Foutz (Executive Assistant)

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