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Boxley’s Community Impact Goes Year Round

At Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, employees provide community support across Southwest Virginia by holding donation drives throughout the year. In 2023, we collected peanut butter for Food for Kids, essential items for Veterans Affairs through the Red Cross, and school supplies for a multitude of elementary schools.

Food For Kids

Our Support Center in Blue Ridge, Virginia, holds an annual peanut butter drive to support Food For Kids Weekend Pack-A-Sack. This program provides a bag of meals every weekend during the school year to eligible elementary school students to combat child hunger.

We offer further assistance by volunteering monthly to pack and deliver the bags to the various schools.

Boxley Food for Kids event donations
Boxley Food for Kids team
Boxley peanut butter drive donation event

Veterans Affairs

An employee spearheads donations for Veteran Affairs at our Fieldale, VA, location. They started in 2021 and steamed from Boxley trying to find ways to help our communities during COVID

This year, our Fieldale team collected:

  • Toothpaste — 170 Tubes
  • Bodywash — 78 bottles
  • Bar Soap — 372 bars
  • Razors — 68 packs (3 to 10 per pack)
  • Laundry Pods — 35 packs
  • Shampoo — 98 bottles
  • Deodorant — 84
  • Toothbrushes — 78
  • Hot Chocolate — 23 boxes
  • Toboggans — 27, his and hers
  • Warm socks — 16 pairs

“It’s not about me. It’s not about Boxley. It’s about sustainability… it’s become a matter of heart,” Edna Hall, Inside Sales at Fieldale

Fill the Bucket

2023 was our inaugural school supply donation drive; our employees showed up across all locations. After the two-week campaign at the end of August, our boxes overflowed—we had too many individual items to count!

Kids at Boxley Fill the Bucket event
Boxley school supply charity drive

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