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Get answers to frequently asked questions about calculating jobs, credit applications, ordering, pickup, and delivery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay with a credit card?

When paying on account call 800.442.8878. When ordering, the sales representative assisting you will also process your payment.

How do I get a credit application?

You’ll find a printable credit application here. Or call 800.442.8878.

How do you figure the amount of aggregate, block or concrete for the dimensions of a job?

Boxley sales representatives can assist you personally and you will find product information, rules of thumb and technical specifications for aggregate, block or concrete helpful too.

What is the price of aggregate, block, or concrete?

Your Boxley sales representative can assist you personally with pricing for the specific product you need. Click here to find the sales representative in your area.

What is the minimum and the maximum amount a truck can deliver?

No job is too large or too small. Just keep in mind, there are minimum charge amounts for each product.

  • For an aggregate truck minimum charge weight is 15 tons in Virginia. Maximum weight is 25 tons in Virginia.
  • A block truck can deliver as many as 10 – 16 cubes of block, brick or hardscape materials.
  • A concrete truck can deliver as little as one yard or as much as eight yards.

Do you sell to the public?

Yes! Our customers include architects, engineers and contractors – and DIYers – who want the best materials for their projects.

Can I fax or e-mail my aggregate, block or concrete order in?

We prefer the personal approach. Our sales staff would like to personally assist you with your order. Click here to find the sales representative in your area.

How do I get a copy of an aggregate, block or concrete invoice or delivery ticket?

Email us at or call 800.442.8878.

Can I pick up the product I need?

Yes, but there are restrictions on what type vehicle is used.