If you live, work or travel throughout central or western Virginia, chances are a Boxley product was used to create the structure or roadway you use on a daily basis.

Boxley employees proudly produce high-quality aggregate, asphalt, block, brick, hardscapes, and concrete required for the construction of homes, schools, hospitals, recreational facilities, and businesses, as well as the maintenance and construction of roads and bridges throughout the region.

If you want to work with great people who enjoy their jobs and for a company that cares about its people and communities, please review our current job openings and apply today. 

Corporate Responsibility

Boxley’s Corporate Responsibility Program (CRP) underscores Boxley’s ongoing commitment to be an outstanding employer, business partner, and corporate citizen. It is designed to engage employees in decision-making situations and build pride in how the company operates. With all our efforts, the program provides for accountability both internally and externally for meeting CRP goals.


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