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Creating the Future - Engineers Week 2023

Boxley Engineer Builds a Better Future

National Engineers Week is a great time to acknowledge the vital role our engineers play in maintaining and improving our operations at Boxley, a company of Summit Materials. This year’s theme is Creating the Future, and that’s exactly what our team does. Their work enhances safety, makes our mining operations more efficient and sustainable, and supports productivity to help us better serve our customers now and into the future.

With this year’s theme in mind, we talked to Cody Flint, Mine Superintendent, about his experience as an engineer and how he’s helping create the future at Boxley.

Cody discovered Boxley at a career fair while finishing his Mining Engineering degree at Virginia Tech. Realizing the opportunities associated with working for us, he started an internship, then moved on to our Management Trainee Program, then progressed to Project Manager before landing in his current position at Piney River.

“Boxley’s Management Trainee program was a great experience and exposed me to the many different sides of Boxley in and out of the mine and prepared me to take on positions of increasing responsibility.” – Cody

With his education and training history guiding him, Cody looks at the big picture of the operations and brainstorms ways to improve its safety, sustainability, and productivity for the long run. The team at Piney works together to mitigate safety risks daily and takes care of the surrounding area to protect local waterways and natural habitats, leading to more uptime for product production.

“It’s an awesome feeling knowing the improvements made today will have a positive impact on the employees, customers, and the communities for many years to come.” – Cody

If you have interest or questions about pursuing a career within the Summit Materials family, please contact Manisha Hall at (540) 777-7613. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram to stay up to date on what’s happening throughout the company.