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Take It as A Sign, Slow Down

At Boxley, safety is set in stone, not just at our physical locations but also in our work zones. Our paving crews undergo extensive work zone training with annual refresher courses, including Smith System Driver training and task training. We take every precaution to provide you with the safety work zone we can.

But you can help make us safer!

Road work, detour, flagger ahead, and one-lane sign are what you might see heading into one of our work zones. Drivers must slow down and follow work zone signs; ignoring them could have detrimental consequences, not only for the workers but also for drivers and their passengers. For example, the nationwide numbers reported in 2021 from VDOT state:

  • Four out of five work zone fatalities are drivers
  • One work zone fatality occurs every 15 hours
  • One work zone injury occurs every 14 minutes
  • Approximately 700 people are killed, and more than 35,000 people are injured in work zone crashes each year

“There’s no room for error when working in or traveling through a work zone. Too many lives can be impacted if there’s a lapse in judgment, even for a second. Our employees are someone’s child, parent, and friend. As are you. We do the best we can to ensure safety on the roadway. With drivers’ help, we can make them even safer.” – Isaiah Christian, Boxley Safety Manager-Asphalt & Construction

Do you know your work zone safety signs? Take the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse’s ‘Knowing The Signs Quiz” to find out. 

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Boxley’s Safety Scorecard

Boxley’s world-class safety program is the cornerstone of the Boxley Way. Our safety culture underpins every facet of our operation, from driver safety to safety-first policies and procedures throughout our operations.

Safety is a value, it’s our first job and how we work.

Each year, we set safety goals and track our performance, emphasizing continuous improvement year over year through our safety mindset and practices. The numbers speak for themselves—our employees take safety seriously. In 2021, Boxley employees worked an outstanding 950,700 hours, during which our fleet drivers drove 2,763,465 miles without a single accident. In addition, our locations underwent their regular inspections, 20 of which were citation-free.

Our work was recently recognized by our parent company Summit Materials. We’re thrilled to add 2021 Top Safety Performer, 2021 World Class Preventable Vehicle Accidents, and 2021 Top 5S Performance to our award collection from previous years.

“Our employees show up every day and put in 100%. This past year we began to see the safety culture we’ve been working hard towards implementing. We know this isn’t the time to let off the gas; we’re looking at 2022 as another year to maintain and improve our safety performance,” said Boxley Safety Director Andy Vassar.

We work hard to keep employees informed on safety events inside the company and across the country. Every incident, good catch, and citation is a learning experience that could prevent another person from getting injured. We incentivize our employees to stay aware of safety hazards and look for ways to improve the work environment for everyone. Our safety culture is an individual and team effort.

Our managers regularly conduct toolbox talks on relevant topics to keep in mind, such as extreme temperature exposure, Boxley’s 10 Safety Principles, unfortunate incidents in the industry, and more. Safety stand-downs are also performed when necessary to really drill home the importance of the safety topic.

“Our employees know that when they have an idea how to make something better, they’re going to be heard,” said Vassar, “We encourage reporting anything an employee has an issue with and promote brainstorming to find the best solution. We want people to feel safe coming to work every day, and most importantly, we want them to go home when they’re done.”

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Community Giving is Back in Full Swing

Boxley is known throughout the communities we serve for many reasons; being active participants to improve the community’s quality of life is one of them. So, in 2021, we were able to get back to being hands-on and find ways to provide the largest impact.

We started the year with a gift to the Virginia Museum of Natural History which produced a virtual education programming partnership that can be tapped into by following the Virginia Museum of Natural History on Facebook. Our $10,000 gift supports the promotion and delivery of the museum’s virtual education program throughout 2021 and 2022. These programs, in turn, support STEM learning among the younger generations in our communities.

In response to our 2020 monetary donation that fed our communities, Boxley was able to put boots on the ground in Dillwyn, VA, to participate in Feeding Southwest Virginia’s Mobile Food Pantry. In addition, we were able to utilize the food donation boxes we helped provide in 2020. Finally, our employees held donation drives in the summer of 2021 to help Feeding America partners have another multimillion-dollar food distribution year.

Edna Hall took it upon herself to make a difference by partnering with the Red Cross to support the Salem VA (Veterans Affairs) after COVID made donations and visitations exceptionally hard.

Our donations aren’t exclusively in the form of time and money. For example, when contacted to donate concrete for a sidewalk and slab to honor the community donors that made their Bridging the Gap project a success, we couldn’t say no.

Our volunteer and donation efforts wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t partner with United Way. Our 96th year was another example of our year-over-year increased donations. Through the generosity of our employees and the company’s equal match promise coupled with our other efforts throughout the community, we were humbled to receive the Spirit of the Community Award.

Stay tuned for 2022 to see what Boxley has going on in terms of projects and community involvement.

Boxley Supports STEM Education

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills prepare young people for the fast-growing occupations in the construction materials industry that will impact their futures.

Boxley’s Explore the Earth program works with our local public and homeschooled students to meet grade 5’s Earth Science Standards of Learning (SOL). Students learn about geology firsthand with a quarry tour and participate in an engaging presentation by our engineers and environmental experts as to the role aggregate plays in daily life and how it is produced.

Our partnership with the Virginia Museum of Natural History is another STEM education focus area. With our virtual education programming partnership donation at the beginning of the year, the museum will be better positioned to deliver a combination of STEM educational programs led by VMNH educators and scientists, with various programs provided to schools, families, and general social media audiences.

“Connecting with as many students as possible throughout the Commonwealth is always a goal of the museum and Boxley’s support this past year has made that goal even more achievable,” said Christy Deatherage, education manager at the Virginia Museum of Natural History. “Because of Boxley’s financial support, the museum was able to provide additional educational programming to K-12 classes throughout our local region, from Roanoke to Lynchburg to right here in our own backyard in Martinsville.” If you’re a teacher or homeschool facilitator, contact us to schedule a tour for our Explore the Earth program. And don’t forget to check out the Virginia Museum of Natural History on Facebook to catch their STEM-backed postings.

Boxley Tackles Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion

In 2020, as our nation began to confront social justice issues, Boxley began a formal process to determine how our company can be more intentional about our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts.

A team of eight employees from different business lines, backgrounds, and demographics joined together to begin the needed awareness. Open conversations gave a raw look at where Boxley stacked up according to the employees and where they saw room for improvement. By adding a Commitment Statement to DE&I and updating our Company Vision and Core Beliefs, the team set a precedence that the company will uphold.

“When I was approached about being a part and taking charge of the DE&I team, I knew our work was going to be the beginning of a difference within the company. The team came up with great suggestions and insight that were met with positive feedback and encouragement from our Leadership Team. We want to continue to be a step ahead in meeting challenges like this. I’m excited to see the future of this program and am optimistic about the path it will lead the company down.” – Stacy Barbour (Quarry Manager- Fieldale/DE&I Chairperson)


We will be the industry leader in all facets of our business with the diverse talent to sustain it.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Boxley’s culture will be inclusive, where all employees are valued for their diversity of ability, backgrounds, and perspectives with equitable opportunities for growth and advancement. We will recruit, retain, foster, and reward diverse talent that enables Boxley to deliver the highest quality, innovative products, and services that make us an industry leader.

Company Core Beliefs

  • Work safely
  • Hire, train, retain and promote the best people
  • Involve our employees in the decision-making process
  • Maintain an inclusive and supportive workplace
  • Respect differing opinions and encourage healthy debate
  • Provide equitable opportunities for personal growth and professional development
  • Reward outstanding contributions throughout the organization
  • Be honest
  • Build long-term relationships
  • Deliver quality from the ground up
  • Be active participants in improving the quality of life in our communities
  • Be responsible stewards of the environment
  • Commit to be a little better at what we do each and every day
  • Earn profits to support our corporate growth and beliefs

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United Way Recognizes Boxley’s Spirit

Since 1906, Boxley has helped to build and strengthen our communities from the ground up. Whether through volunteerism, product donations or financial support, we are dedicated to help improve the quality of life in the communities where we work, live and play.

Recently, we were pleased to receive one of United Way’s highest honors, the Spirit of the Community Award, for continuing to put boots on the ground and putting our Core Beliefs into action.

We were humbled to have our outstanding year-round support of United Way and our whole community recognized.

“Boxley’s relationship with United Way extends past any current employees’ tenure. Those before us put the building blocks in place and set the bar high for the company’s standard. It’s an honor to be a part of a company that not only makes promises to the community but sticks to them and delivers. We would not have achieved this recognition without the efforts of our employees in 2021. I have high hopes looking to 2022 that we will, once again, make a significant impact to the quality of life in the communities we live and work in.”—Sherry Foutz (Executive Administrative Assistant)

Boxley has supported United Way for 96 years and counting. Year over year, we have consistently increased our donations through the generosity of our employees and the company’s equal match promise. In 2021, six United Way organizations distributed our funds across the communities Boxley serves.

Our recent award also recognized our participation with Feeding America. In 2021, we ran a company-wide food drive, volunteering, and sponsorship with food collection bins and a mobile food pantry in Dillwyn, VA—feeding a total of 7,800 meals.

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Driver Appreciation Week Is Every Week

At Boxley, we think every week should be National Truck Driver Appreciation Week because we always appreciate our men and women behind the wheel and the dedication, they give to safety on the job every day.

Over A Million Miles Without Accident

“Our drivers show up every day ready to put safety first, over a million miles without an accident is a huge accomplishment, and I just want to say thank you to our men and women that made it a reality.”

– Andy Vassar (Boxley Safety Director)

Boxley supports driver safety by covering the cost to maintain Medical Examiner’s Certificate (MEC) and the SMITH driver driving program. If you have your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with a dedication to safe driving and are looking to join a team of top-ranking driving with outstanding pay and benefits; check out our locations with CDL openings today, here.

2020 CSR Report | Resilience In Action

While 2020 had many people slowing down, Boxley employees kept their foot on the gas to ensure the company met its Corporate Responsibility Commitments. Remaining open for business looked a little different, and there were hurdles to overcome but our employees were up to the challenge—exceeding expectations along the way.

Company-provided masks, hand sanitizer, clean keys, and a repurposed school bus all played a hand in keeping our employees and community safe. In addition, regular town hall meetings, Microsoft Teams, and the TeamApp kept employees socially distanced and still informed.

In the wake of our country’s protests over individual differences and injustices, Team360’s newest committee updated the company’s mission, vision, and core beliefs demanding the continued commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I).

Participation with Habitat for Humanity, another year of increased donations to United Way, and answering a neighbor’s call are only a handful of ways employees were able to give back and help better the communities we serve daily.

“Last year showed our employees power and resilience to adapt and overcome when called on. Being essential, they needed to show up every day and continue to make sure our communities had the products they needed. They never skipped a beat. My sincerest Thank You and Well Done goes out to everyone company-wide.” – Lori Baisden (Human Resource Director)

To find out all the details on how Boxley employees went above and beyond the call of duty, read our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report. For all things, Boxley, throughout the year follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram.

Asphalt Division Provides Ground For Students To Succeed

This year’s back-to-school list for Salem High School included renovations across the campus, and Boxley was there to deliver. Repairs got put on the calendar after Salem City Council approved a tax increase in 2019—initially granting $36 million in renovations at the school.

“I’m excited to see what they do at the high school, and I’m excited to see how far this money goes,” Josh Kier, a lifelong Salem resident, and private school teacher, told WSLS.

Boxley Asphalt played different roles to achieve the common goal: turn taxpayer dollars into student prosperity.

Hired through the primary contractors ATC Corp and G&H Contracting, we got to work. Hitting the job site first, over 1,500 yards of Ready-Mix got poured for interior and exterior projects. Then as summer came to a close, approximately 700-tons of asphalt, intermediate mix (IM-19.0), and surface mix (SM-9.5A) were laid to provide a new track surface, runways, and sandpits.

“We jump on projects like this, knowing the positive impact it will have on younger generations for decades to come. Soon the newest rising stars from Salem will aim for number one by running, jumping, and pole vaulting their way ahead of the competition. Our work allows for them to have a reliable place to achieve that at.” – Ryan Kesler (Asphalt Estimator)

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Boxley Feeds America: And You Can Too

June 28th through July 16th, Boxley will be accepting monetary and non-perishable food donations at locations across Virginia, for Feeding America. Check out ‘Boxley Feeds Our Communities’ to find out why we chose Feeding America as our 2021 company initiative, how we’ve already begun helping, and what we hope to do moving forward.

The following locations will have collection boxes for non-perishable food and will also accept monetary donations on site:

Arvonia Quarry715 Arvon Road
Arvonia, VA, 23004
Blue Ridge Concrete139 Healing Springs Road
Blue Ridge, VA, 24064
Blue Ridge Quarry Scale house15415 W. Lynchburg Salem Turnpike
Blue Ridge, VA, 24064
Fieldale Quarry3785 Carver Road
Martinsville, VA, 24112
Lawyer Road Quarry762 Lawyers Road
Lynchburg, VA, 24501
Lynchburg Asphalt1678 Lawyers Road
Lynchburg, VA, 24501
Lynchburg Block110 Lynchpin Lane
Lynchburg, VA, 24501
Martinsville Concrete201 Koehler Road
Martinsville, VA, 24112
Mt. Athos Quarry1299 Stage Road
Concord, VA, 24538
Piney River Quarry739 Warrick Barn Road
Arrington, VA, 22922
Rich Patch Quarry7612 Rich Patch Road
Low Moor, VA, 24457
Roanoke Block3830 Blue Ridge Drive SW
Roanoke, VA, 24018
Roanoke Concrete3830B Blue Ridge Drive SW
Roanoke VA, 24018
Salem Asphalt1993 Salem Industrial Drive
Salem, VA, 24153
Support Center15418 W. Lynchburg Salem Turnpike
Blue Ridge, VA, 24064
Wytheville Concrete1050 Church Street
Wytheville, VA, 24382

If you would like to donate and are unable to make it to a location, go to and mark your donation as ‘Tribute with Honoree Boxley’ to get included in our totals. Every dollar feeds five!

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