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Boxley Promoting Health and Wellness

Employees Benefit From Health and Wellness

Boxley promotes employee health and wellness year-round with Engage, digital benefits, and health engagement platform sponsored by the company partnered health insurance: Anthem.

By getting active, sleeping well, and eating smart, employees earn points to apply towards their premium deductions. Points are also awarded for employees taking a proactive role in their wellbeing. Health assessments, biometric screening, and preventative care appointments all come with a monetary value to make up the $1,800 (for an individual) premium deduction employees can receive.

Understanding the important role that financial health plays on overall health, Boxley also matches employees’ 401(k) contributions up to 4% and is working to provide more benefits to employees in this area.

The encouragement does not stop there. Summit Materials, our parent company, challenges employees across the nation each year with at least one fitness challenge. Reach the Peak in 2020 adapted to the COVID year by making all tracking happen virtually through the Engage App, which can automatically update using a fitness watch. Showing off their competitive side, one of Boxley’s very own teams made the top 10 out of 100+ teams participating.

A healthy environment breeds healthy employees. For many employees, health and wellness are not only thought about at work or during a company challenge. Across the company, active employees partake in healthy recreational activities such as kayaking, hiking, CrossFit, biking, yoga, swimming, running, and more. Each year multiple employees take part in competitive activities like the Blue Ridge Gran Fondo, Triathlons, Marathons, and Tough Mudders, some of which have received company sponsorships.

“Healthy employees make for safe and happy employees. As a company, we want to do what we can to encourage healthy behaviors that can have a positive impact on our employees while they’re on and off the clock” – Lori Baisden (Human Resource Director)