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Employee Communication

The employee communication subcommittee of Team 360 strives to engage, strengthen, and innovate communication across all Boxley's operations.
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Distanced. But Never Distant.

Boxley proactively communicates to keep our employees and customers informed and connected.

Over the years, Boxley has introduced and maintained key communication tools for our staff to develop culture, improve operations, and stay informed. Below are a few communications platforms that we use every day.


WBOX TV is a Boxley employee information network designed and managed by Team 360. Television screens are installed at every Boxley location in a prominent place where employees gather to transmit important communication. WBOX TV covers on-location performance, safety tips, health and benefits, volunteer opportunities, employee recognition, and community outreach activities.


The Boxley TeamApp launched in 2019 and is an essential community tool for deskless employees. The TeamApp serves as a central repository for important announcements, events, daily communication, and company town hall videos.

Virtual Meetings

In 2020, Boxley introduced regular use of virtual meetings to keep our business moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic. This tool has proven to be an efficient way of communication and part of everyday use beyond the pandemic. The ability to communicate and share information with the click of a button has improved productivity and access to all locations.

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