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Boxley 360

Our employee-led corporate responsibility program underscores our ongoing commitment to be an outstanding employer, business partner, and corporate citizen. Boxley's Team 360 efforts are published annually in our Boxley 360 Corporate Responsibility Reports.
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The Boxley 360 Team

Guided by our Values, Boxley Team 360 is a group of passionate and dedicated employees who lead our community volunteer and employee engagement efforts throughout the communities Boxley serves. Our mission is to provide the foundation to connect our communities today and build a better tomorrow.

Our Values

Safety: We are committed to keeping our employees, customers, and communities safe in all that we do.

Integrity: We build trust by doing what’s right and remaining accountable, even when no one is watching.

Sustainability: We take responsibility for the impact of our actions and seek opportunities to develop innovative practices and solutions.

Inclusivity: We act intentionally to bring together our local communities and drive equity for all stakeholders.

Community Outreach

Boxley’s community outreach program is a combination of corporate giving and employee led community outreach as part of our good neighbor policy.

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Environmental Sustainability

We challenge ourselves to find ways to be a little Greener. Smarter. Better. each and every day.

Boxley 360 Reports

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Reports provide the results of our progress and share what we are learning each year.

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