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2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

Boxley’s current and future leaders must have an appreciation of the positive impact environmentally sustainable operations and products have on our business and the communities we serve. With this in mind, representatives from each of the company’s business lines are chosen to serve on Boxley’s Green Team each year as part of their leadership development program. We appreciate their hard work!

2012 Corporate Responsibility Report

In 2012, we challenged our employees to work together across business lines to improve efficiency, reduce duplication of resources, save money and share ideas. In short, we wanted to be a little better at what we do each and every day. In this report, you will find specific measurements of our practices that are environmentally compliant and promote sustainability. I want to thank each of our employees and our community partners for the important role you play in doing what is best for the environment and smart for our business.

2011 Corporate Responsibility Report

In 2011, Boxley employees focused on how to be smarter about being greener. In addition to our major sustainability initiatives, they found ways that even small actions can make a big difference in improving our environmental performance.

2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

At Boxley, we strive for excellence in all we do. In pursuit of this goal, we kicked off 2010 with a great deal of introspection about how we can become an even better company. This process resulted in exciting changes and opportunities, including updating our Company Mission Statement, sharpening our Vision and refreshing our Core Beliefs. These guiding principles embody the Boxley Way, and we think it is important to share them with you.