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STEM initiative from Boxley

Boxley’s STEM Initiatives Support SOL’s 

In 2015, MGA Entertainment proclaimed November 8th as National STEM day to encourage and inspire students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Boxley is a strong supporter of STEM education through its partnership with the Virginia Museum of Natural History and its own Explore the Earth program. Both programs focus on educating elementary school students about Earth Science, geology, and the importance of aggregate (crushed stone) on daily life, and the worthwhile careers that come from pursuing these fields.

When the STEM acronym got introduced in 2001, Boxley’s ‘Explore the Earth’ program had already been in motion for a decade. Meeting grade 5’s Standards of Learning (SOL), students participate in an engaging presentation discussing mining, mining safety, why mining and aggregate are essential, the production process, and controlled blasting. The presentation sets the stage for a quarry tour, where students overlook the quarry and witness it during regular operating hours.

“It’s great to be a part of the education process; most people don’t realize everything we would lose without mining. Metals, glass, plastics, carpet, vinyl siding, bricks, block, concrete, paved roads, the list goes on.” – Josh Wilson (Director of Product Support)

We believe that school tours are a valuable part of “the Boxley way” and play a key role in enhancing future generations’ knowledge and interest. If you are a teacher or homeschool facilitator and would like to have your elementary school-age students come for a tour, please contact us at