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VTRC Chooses Boxley for Innovative Asphalt Research

Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, was chosen by the Virginia Transportation Research Council (VTRC) to test Gipave, a recycled plastic product that can reduce the amount of liquid asphalt required in roadway paving.

This trial is paving the way to a greener future for the asphalt industry.” – Ryan Kesler, Asphalt Operations Area Manager, Boxley Asphalt (Salem).

The recycled plastic pellets, Gipave, are a patented high-tech design developed by the Italian company Iterchimica. First used outside Rome in 2018, this innovative technology keeps non-reusable plastics out of landfills and gives them a purpose.

“For this trial, the plastic was an additive. But in the future, we’re looking at being able to cut down on the amount of liquid asphalt in our designs, lowering the amount of gases released into the atmosphere.” –Andre Royal, Quality Control Manager Boxley Asphalt (Salem)

Boxley Quality Control Technicians designed the asphalt mixture earlier this year and provided it to Iterchimica engineers, who determined the amount of pellets needed for the trial. To prove its ability to outlast other designs, increasing the time between repaves and patch jobs, the Gipave stretch is paved alongside a “normal” Boxley mixture.

Boxley team doing VTRC plastic trial
Left to right: Troy Deeds (VTRC), Derek Lister (VTRC), Luca Iterchimica (Interchimica), Daniel Wright (Boxley Asphalt), Andre Royal (Boxley Asphalt)

Iterchimica’s revolutionary product will be a more accessible and cost-effective option with the expansion of its operation to the States.

“Just few words are not enough to thank you for the opportunity and the experience of working together in order to pave the future. Suggestions on how to use this new technology based on recycled plastic were well accepted and put into practice, showing Boxley’s strongest characteristic which is a reliable, qualified and professional team, constantly working towards excellence through collaboration.” -Luca Iterchimica, Civil Engineer, Iterchimica

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Helping Virginia Stay Beautiful

Buckingham Slate Adopt A Highway Sign

Across Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, our employees organize and perform road and river cleanups to help keep the communities we live and work in clean and beautiful.

Our aggregate and slate team at Arvonia Quarry/Buckingham Slate adopted a two-mile stretch of Rt. 15 near our location.

Led by Frank Davis, the Lynchburg Asphalt Plant Crew adopted a portion of John Capron Road near our plant.

Boxley Materials Adopt A Highway Sign

And we’re not stopping there.

Stay tuned as employees take to the water later this year for the first Craig’s Creek clean-up since COVID and the annual Smith River clean-up.

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Boxley Receives Recognition for Land Reclamation Project

At Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, we continually seek ways to practice environmental stewardship.

In 2022, we received the Virginia Land Reclamation Award from the Virginia Department of Energy and the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) for the reclamation project at Boxley Blue Ridge quarry—we’re considered one of the best in the state!

Exceeding Virginia Energy Department standards for safety, stability, environmental responsibility, and appearance, the reclamation included engineering proper slopes for safety and stability, planting premium seed mix to create an attractive vegetative cover for soil stabilization, and benching the slopes to channel stormwater runoff into the quarry pit. As a result, the quarry operation meets 100% of its production water needs captured rainwater which is recycled.

We don’t stop there; click here to look at our Corporate Responsibility Reports and learn more about Boxley’s continued efforts to be Greener. Better. Smarter.

We have some big plans for 2023!

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Boxley Hosts Science Teachers for Summer Field Trip

What could spell more fun than a teachers-only summer field trip to visit Boxley’s Arvonia quarry to experience geology up close, collect rock samples, and learn about modern mining in Virginia?

On June 24, Boxley’s Arvonia Virginia location, where our iconic Buckingham® Slate is produced, was proud to be one of four host quarries for the Virginia Association of Science Teachers (VAST) Rockin’ PD (professional development) event held in partnership with the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) and  Friends of Mineralogy-Virginia Chapter.

Teachers started the morning with a lesson on safety, products, history, and the important role quarries play in a community. Then the adventure began with a geology overview and a tour of our quarry and operations. Each teacher left with Rock Kits and Fill Up Bags to utilize in their future lesson plans.

“It was a pleasure to get selected for this opportunity to bring these educators out. We got to show them not only what we offer as a business but most importantly how we can work together to educate younger generations,” said Spencer Young, Superintendent of Arvonia.

Boxley has a long history of working with schools and teachers through our Explore the Earth geology presentation and quarry tour that meets Virginia’s 5th-grade SOL standards.

If you are an educator interested in setting up an Explore the Earth quarry tour for your students at one of our locations throughout southwest and central Virginia, please contact us at or 1(888) 442-8878.

Investing in the Planet Starts with Engineers

For us, Earth Day is Every Day. Greener. Smarter. Better. is the mindset Boxley employees use when optimizing how we responsibly operate.

To accomplish this, we invest in our employees and their tools, empowering them to help better the company. Our engineers, specifically Tim Mauzy, PE, lead this charge by overseeing our environmental operations and compliance. For Boxley, our commitment to the environment starts with engineering a responsible site design.

Tim works with our existing and new aggregate mines, getting them permitted, planned, and designed. Across all business lines, Tim establishes environmental plans and conducts employee training on environmental issues. Additionally, Tim handles air and water permitting and any necessary amendments.

Tim joined forces with Boxley’s Lynchburg and Salem asphalt plants to earn the Diamond Achievement Commendation from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) in 2009. Recertified every two years since, this status is maintained when a plant emphasizes continued improvement in six areas: appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permitting, and regulatory compliance.

Tim collaborates with employees to find ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle waste products and minimize freshwater use in our operations. Our continual focus on reducing our carbon footprint includes investing in more efficient equipment, employing technology to reduce idling times, improve fuel efficiency during production and energy usage in our buildings.

“In my position, I meet and work with many different people. From regulatory agencies to plant managers and mine employees. There’s a great balance of office and field time; there never seems to be a dull moment,” Tim says. “Working to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and find ways to operate more sustainably while also progressing the company is rewarding, to say the least.”

Tim joined Boxley over 30 years ago and has proven time and again the way he cares for Boxley and, in turn, the planet. He earned his degree in mining engineering from Virginia Tech and found his home at Boxley five years later. Starting as a quarry foreman at our Fieldale quarry, Tim worked through assistant superintendent, superintendent, finally landing in the engineering position he currently holds.

“If there is a possibility you will one day want to work in the engineering field, take the EIT (Engineer in Training) exam in college. Passing this exam is the first step in becoming a PE (Professional Engineer); you can take it later, but it’s good to get it out of the way for your own peace of mind,” advises Tim on those considering a career in engineering.

Need help prepping for the EIT? Click here and gain access to free practice exams.

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Boxley Supplies Aggregate for Martinsville Reservoir Project 

Construction is nearing completion at the Beaver Creek Dam Reservoir where Boxley has supplied aggregate for Martinsville city’s $2 million repair project. The regularly inspected 70-year-old facility is looking at extending life by another 50 years with the repairs that took place over the past year.

Beaver Creek Reservoir, Martinsville’s primary water source, is within the proximity of Boxley’s Fieldale Quarry, making us a practical choice to provide the material. Haymes Brothers, the construction company on the job, has utilized 2010 tons of aggregate to complete the spillway repairs.

“It’s always a pleasure working with Haymes Brothers, who hold quality service and products to a high standard just like Boxley does.” Johan Van Eeden (Quality Control Lab Technician)

Stay tuned for new and continued projects as the 2021 peak season gets ready to kick-off!