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Who said you must have a college degree and work in an office to have a great career? Let’s face it, being a desk jockey isn’t the ideal job for everyone, being cooped up in an office can feel more like a prison sentence than a great job. No matter the reason, you’re looking to construction for your career move. If you love big trucks and heavy machinery, being outside, or are following in the family’s footsteps, you’ll find camaraderie with your coworkers on our team.

It’s National Careers in Construction Month, and Boxley Materials Company is leading the charge to knock down some misconceptions about construction careers and build the true picture of the great opportunities available.

Well-paying jobs at Boxley range from the flagger on job sites, truck and heavy machine operators, salespeople, scale house operators, engineering and environmental, and more. At Boxley, you will find that many of our management employees started in the field, knowing the opportunity to step up the ladder could present itself. The average person stays with a company for 2-4 years. Boxley employees are proud to stay for upwards of 10, 15, 20 years, and more!

Boxley knows that not every person wants the same work experience. Getting to be hands-on and working outside while maintaining the opportunity to problem solve and make an impact are a few reasons employees like working at Boxley. Transitioning from one job position to the next, our employees are encouraged to follow opportunities within the company that allows for personal and professional growth.

In addition to working for a company that recognizes and rewards its employees’ efforts, Boxley provides exposure to the larger picture. No matter what the role is, construction teams are a part of a range of projects that impact each person in the communities we serve.

“If you enjoy blue-collar work and dedicated employees with a mix of opportunities, you should keep Boxley in mind. The pay is competitive and it’s a great family valued company. The company attracts well-dedicated hard-working employees that come from all walks of life working together for a brighter future.” – Andy Vassar (hired in 1993 as 2nd shift plant operator for Boxley’s Blue Ridge Virginia Quarry, now sitting Safety Director of Boxley Materials and Georgia Stone Products)

Are you looking to invest in a company that will invest in you? Check out our careers page to see how you can join our team.