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Boxley asphalt project

Asphalt Employee: An Inspiration To Women

When looking for a career, Latosha Mabins looked no further than becoming a woman with a career in asphalt construction. A good income, ability to travel, and opportunity to utilize her commercial driver’s license (CDL) were all boxes checked off when she found her position at Boxley.

“I enjoy working outside and seeing different things, I always have. I get to step outside the box and learn different skills hands-on.” – Latosha Mabins (Slurry Crew Superintendent)

LaTosha Mabin

It is important in any career to feel valued and as though there is room to grow. Latosha started with Boxley in 2019 as a distributor operator and served in a variety of roles such as timekeeper, and nurse truck operator. Her hard work and dedication propelled her to her current role—Slurry Crew Superintendent.

Taking on a role of authority is not meant for everyone. However, Latosha has met and overcame the challenge of working alongside people from different backgrounds and work ethics. Ensuring that the job gets done no matter what is another trait that exemplifies why she is in her position.

When asked for advice to tell younger generations deciding their way, Latosha said, “I would tell the younger generation of women: never allow another’s opinion of your lifestyle to make you feel like you can’t do a job. Because you can…we can!”

If you are like Latosha and looking to join other women in asphalt construction, click here for the open position nearest you.