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Employee Makes A Difference for Salem Veterans Affairs

Boxley’s own Edna Hall heard how hard COVID made donations and visitations to the Salem VA (Veterans Affairs) and decided to strike out and make a difference independently. Knowing that Boxley asks its employees to donate yearly to similar causes, she did not want to add the pressure of another donation collection or drive to her fellow workmates.

“At the time, I didn’t know what Boxley might be doing this year or what we’d be asking employees to participate in, but I knew I had to do something. A couple of questions later, and I had a list of items needed by the Red Cross and information on the therapy pet project”—Edna Hall (Scales/Customer Service) 

Edna from Boxley Materials Company

Edna’s contact at the Red Cross thought her action plan was a great idea and agreed to have the donations go directly to Salem VA. Desired items are those that many of us may take for granted daily: lip balm, nail clippers, denture cleaning tabs and adhesive cream, brushes, etc. Then, of course, there are the items that improve quality of life: coloring books, colored pencils, crosswords, playing cards, coffee, and more.

After collecting the items that Salem needed, Edna had some money left over and wanted to do more. That is when the Red Cross contact informed her of a robotic pet project that they started in 2020 as patients became unable to bring or have visits with their beloved pets. The icing on the cake was when Edna received word from a donor that if she were willing to put the remaining donation money to purchase a robotic tuxedo cat, they would match her donation and buy a robotic golden puppy.

“Once again, I have enjoyed collecting items for our veterans. I hope it makes a small difference in the lives of those who have given so much.” – Edna

If you are looking for a way to get involved with your local VA, click here, or your local Red Cross, click here.

Proving the Value of Safety 

At Boxley, safety is the highest value. Not only is it number one on our list of core beliefs, but it is also the first topic covered at the beginning of every company meeting. Our commitment to safety is not just for our employees and locations, it is for our neighbors and communities as well.

Boxley recently received the 2020 World Class Preventable Vehicle Incident Rate (PVIR) from Summit Materials, our parent company, proving that safety is at the forefront on location and on the road. Our own Wytheville Ready Mix was individually honored by our parent company with the Top 5S Performance. 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) is reported by each Summit location to make sure that our facilities operate at optimal safety year-round. These awards build on the safety record that Boxley has maintained since 2019 with zero Lost Time Incidents.

Toolbox talks and safety stand-downs are regular practice at our locations spanning southwestern Virginia to South Carolina. Employees receive a monetary bonus each quarter for their participation in seeing something, saying something, and doing something. In addition, employees who go through the year without a personal injury, receive an extra paid day off for the following calendar year. These incentives encourage employees to think safety in everything they do and report anything that they observe that could be a potential threat in the future.

“Our employees show up with safety in mind. It’s not something we just talk about; it’s practiced every day. It’s everyone’s responsibility. Our low incident and injury record show how important everyone makes it.” – Andy Vassar (Boxley Safety Director)

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Donating $3,000 to Feeding Our Communities

Boxley has partnered with Feed America across our operating area in Virginia. Feeding Southwest Virginia and Blue Ridge Area Food Bank serve over 217 thousand individuals each month across 51 counties and 17 cities. In these areas, two in every 20 adults, and two in 15 children, suffer from food insecurity.

“Feeding America, has the mission of feeding the hungry through a network of partners and engagement throughout the region. Boxley employees are standing up in the fight to end hunger across our communities, and we couldn’t have found better partners.” – Sherry Foutz (Boxley Team 360 Community Outreach Leader)

In 2020, Boxley donated $3,000 to help provide 500 new food donation boxes. Looking to 2021, we will get more hands-on. This summer, employees are holding donation drives at each Boxley location with the goal of helping our regional Feeding America partners meet or exceed last year’s multimillion-dollar food distribution. Food donations will be accepted; however, monetary donations are highly encouraged due to the organization’s ability to stretch a dollar further.

In addition to the future monetary donations, Boxley is hoping to put boots on the ground in Dillwyn, Virginia, to participate in the Mobile Food Pantries. The panty started ten years ago to increase rural access to nutritious fresh food and healthy staples. Our communities need funds and volunteers to ensure our communities’ residents have access to healthy foods so we can grow and prosper coming out of the COVID pandemic. For that reason, and many others, Boxley is here to help.

Stay tuned for our collection drives and help us help Feed America.

Boxley Supplies Aggregate for Martinsville Reservoir Project 

Construction is nearing completion at the Beaver Creek Dam Reservoir where Boxley has supplied aggregate for Martinsville city’s $2 million repair project. The regularly inspected 70-year-old facility is looking at extending life by another 50 years with the repairs that took place over the past year.

Beaver Creek Reservoir, Martinsville’s primary water source, is within the proximity of Boxley’s Fieldale Quarry, making us a practical choice to provide the material. Haymes Brothers, the construction company on the job, has utilized 2010 tons of aggregate to complete the spillway repairs.

“It’s always a pleasure working with Haymes Brothers, who hold quality service and products to a high standard just like Boxley does.” Johan Van Eeden (Quality Control Lab Technician)

Stay tuned for new and continued projects as the 2021 peak season gets ready to kick-off!

Assisting Neighbors Affected by Storm

Boxley and other neighbors were there to assist when 25 families became stranded due to a strong and persistent storm in June 2020. In the beginning, Charles Craddock, Vice President of Boxley Asphalt, and his crew forged a temporary logging bridge with supplies donated from Nichols Logging. Providing residents of ‘The Highlands’ time to look for a more permanent solution to install before the inevitable winter season began. Continue reading “Assisting Neighbors Affected by Storm”

96 Years of Pledges

Since 1924 Boxley has partnered with and donated to United Way, which works to strengthen education, financial stability, and health in our communities. Boxley holds an annual giving campaign to encourage our employees to make any donation they can and then matches all donations received. With a total of $117,416 in 2021 pledges, Boxley ounce again achieved its goal of increasing donations year over year. Continue reading “96 Years of Pledges”