When you think about Boxley aggregate, the first word that comes to mind is QUALITY. We won't have it any other way. Our continued investment in manufacturing equipment and technology at our rock quarries in Roanoke, Lynchburg, Martinsville, and Arvonia enable us to produce a wide variety of crushed limestone, granite, and sandstone consistent in size and shape.

Our quality processes are the foundation of all our crushed stone sizes, from rip-rap to sand. We typically produce stone in sizes that are in high demand, according to the American Association of the State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). These size gradiations include: 

Base Stone


Classified by VDOT specifications #25, #26, 21A, & 21B stone. These stone products are used for stabilization beneath asphalt and concrete paving for parking lots and highways. Base stone can also be treated with cement.

other material


#1, #2, #3, #357, and #30 surge. Used for logging and farm roads as well as construction entrances where heavy truck traffic is needed in wetter than normal conditions.

agricultural lime


Used by farmers and homeowners to raise the PH level in soils to promote healthy fields and lawns.

rip rap


Large rocks used along shorelines of rivers and lakes to help control erosion as well as drainage structures and sediment control channels/ditches. Rip-Rap is also used in landscaping. Classified by VDOT as Class A-1 (25-75 lbs), Class I (50-149 lbs), Class II (150-499 lbs) and Class III (500-1500 lbs).

fine aggregate


Consists of #10 crushed stone, #36 Grade A sand, #9, and B & C Slurry. The #10 and #36 Grade A sand are used in asphalt, concrete mixes, and applications that require sand. The #9 and B&C slurry materials are used for ice control to ensure better traction during inclement weather, surface treatment, and slurry applications on highways.

course aggregate


Consists of #5, #56, #57, #68, #78, and #8 crushed stone. These aggregate products are typically used in asphalt and concrete mixes, but can also be used for driveways and septic systems.



Buckingham L-Series landscaping stone is the perfect finishing touch for a distinctive landscape. Unlike wood mulch, our L-series is a crushed slate that has a .08% absorption rate which makes this product resistant to acids, sunlight fading, and the toughest environmental conditions.

#2 (1" - 3" pieces), #5 (3/4" - 1 1/2" pieces), #57 (1/2" - 1 1/4" pieces), #8 (3/16" - 1/2"), #10 (trail dust - 3/16").

Great for driveways, walking paths, trails, parking lots, and more.


Tech Specs

Boxley produces aggregate that meets AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) specifications. Each stone quarry produces different gradations and sizes based on market demand and plant capacity. Our product data sheets listed below provide specific details on each product specification.

Safety is Set in Stone

Safety is at the heart of The Boxley Way, our approach to doing business and serving our customers. Boxley’s safety culture is of the upmost importance to the company, reinforced by our safety leadership team, our drivers out on the roads, and our facilities operating under strict safety-first policies and procedures. 

Boxley Saftey

Greener Smarter Better

We’re proud of the recognition Boxley has earned in making our operations and products more environmentally sustainable. View the achievements of our aggregate quarries.