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Boxley at work

Boxley Teams with VDOT and VTTI to Improve Asphalt

Boxley is partnering with VDOT and VTTI on a game-changing research project to lengthen the lifespan of asphalt. Current asphalt needs to meet predetermined specs for voids, pockets in the asphalt, and only last for 12-15 years. By 2023, VDOT expects to have the new Balance Mix Design (BMD), done and ready to roll. The new mix will allow for the range of specs to widen, so long it is consistent for the project. It will also lengthen the life of roadways and save taxpayer money.

On-site of the testing Travis Light said, “It’s not just two companies working simultaneously, it’s teamwork, and we’re out here to get the best results.”

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) is the testing ground for Boxley to layout multiple asphalt tracks for testing. Core samples from the test spots are measured by VTTI to determine consistency, which is the key to the succession of the project.