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Boxley employee at work

Boxley Rescues Well-Known Highway Through Appomattox

In 2018, Boxley worked with the Virginia Department of Transportation to repair a stretch of highway in Appomattox where concrete slabs were rocking, creating a rough ride and requiring significant maintenance dollars to repair. 

The 2.6-mile stretch of Route 460 was built to last 40 years but became noticeably unstable 10 years ago – less than 25 years after the initial project was finished. The concrete roadway began to fail after the joints opened allowing water to permeate concrete and drainage layers.

Boxley rubbilized the unstable concrete road and repaved with 33,000 tons of VDOT certified warm-mix asphalt produced at its nearby Lynchburg plant. The asphalt design included a high-binder base mix that is less prone to stripping.  The high-binder base was then covered with an intermediate course and surface mix overlay.

Boxley also excavated below three bridges to maintain clearance and paved all of the ramps to withstand the high-volume of traffic.

Boxley is proud to have been a part of this high-profile project and appreciate the initiative and support from VDOT.

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