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Pavement Preservation Solution During Covid-19

The current economic situation driven by the COVID-19 pandemic is severely impacting spending. In the coming months, municipalities will see significant reductions to tax inflow. The impact of reduced income could hinder fiscal ability to maintain/improve critical assets including your city streets and highways. Because road repair and maintenance cannot be put on hold, we offer the following option:

Boxley Materials Company, offers a pavement preservation solution that costs significantly less than a traditional mill and fill applications. Microsurfacing and Slurry Sealing, are applications of a thin layer of asphalt emulsion, crushed stone and mineral fillers. The mixing and application of the product is fast and may be driven on within a short period of time. You can pave more lane miles, and in many cases extend the life of the road by five or more years. You may find more information about our pavement maintenance solutions here.

If you or others are responsible for road repair and maintenance and would like to see a Micro or Slurry Sealing process demonstration, please give us a call.

Brian Pieklik

Boxley proudly services these Micro Seal customers: VDOT, NCDOT, City of Roanoke, Town of Vinton, VA, City of Lynchburg, Reidsville NC.