ReCon walls help maximize useable real estate on multi-level properties. These blocks can be utilized for a variety of construction needs, including retaining walls, channel block walls, fence and guardrail walls, and column blocks.

Natural Stone Textures

These walls blend into their natural surroundings, while also enhancing the aesthetics of the landscaping. ReCon’s natural stone texture styles include granite, limestone, rustic, weathered edge and old world, perfect for the clean-line look.


ReCon walls are built to withstand even the harshest elements, including freezing and thawing, brackish water, and road salt. VDOT-approved for Category B and C wall projects, they’re easy to install, even when the wall is being built into the side of an existing embankment.


These unique stones can be used as a solution to complex grade separation issues, such as carving roads into mountains, building amphitheater seating for an outdoor concert venue, or creating pedestrian railing along the waterfront. The possibilities are endless.