Concrete Mixes

We offer a variety of certified concrete mixes and the technical know-how to create customized ready mix concrete for your job. All of our concrete plants offer hot and cold water capabilities to help keep your job on schedule - regardless of the season.

Ordering & Quoting

To place your order for Boxley concrete, call your nearest ([sales office] and speak with a dispatcher. Want to calculate how many cubic yards of concrete you will need? Click the button below.

Delivery & Quality Control

With multiple facilities around Virginia, Boxley uses the latest high-tech control systems to ensure every concrete delivery is consistent and on-time.


Our concrete plants are strategically positioned through Western and Central Virginia to service your project.


Tech Specs

Getting the perfect mix for your project means finding the right balance between economy and requirements for placeability, strength, durability, density, and appearance. Boxley's mix inventory is filled with a useful assortment of air entrained or non-air, standard or "pumpable", low slump to high slump, or other type mixes expressly designed for a multitude of mix use demands.  Design strengths appreciably range from 100 psi (flowable fill) on up to 5,000 psi for higher strength structural application.

Safety Data Sheets

Safety is Set in Stone

Safety is at the heart of The Boxley Way, our approach to doing business and serving our customers. Boxley’s safety culture is of the upmost importance to the company, reinforced by our safety leadership team, our drivers out on the roads and our facilities operating under strict safety-first policies and procedures.

Boxley Saftey

Greener Smarter Better

We’re proud of the recognition Boxley has earned in making our operations and products more environmentally sustainable. View the achievements of our concrete plants.


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