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2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Boxley 360, our corporate social responsibility program, drives Boxley’s ongoing commitment to be an outstanding employer, business partner, and corporate citizen. This effort is led by a group of dynamic and committed employees chosen from all facets of our company called Team 360.

In addition to their daily business and personal responsibilities, Team 360 members continually step up and go the extra mile to find meaningful ways to engage with our employees, customers and communities, exemplifying our values. We are inspired by the energy, ideas and commitment of Team 360, and look forward to their continued success as they drive Boxley’s pursuit of excellence in all we do.

Tom Roller
Director of Support Services

2021 Corporate Responsibility Report

More than ever, Boxley’s Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs served as our north star to guide us through the challenges of these past two years and keep us on a course of excellence.

As the pandemic relentlessly ground on throughout 2021, Boxley employees stayed focused and committed to serving our customers, helping our communities and supporting one another. We couldn’t be prouder of what our team achieved, and are pleased to share the 2021 Boxley 360 Corporate Responsibility Report. We share this report to be accountable for our actions, and hope that some of our experiences and learnings may be useful to you and your organization.

2020 CSR Report | Resilience In Action

While 2020 had many people slowing down, Boxley employees kept their foot on the gas to ensure the company met its Corporate Responsibility Commitments. Remaining open for business looked a little different, and there were hurdles to overcome but our employees were up to the challenge—exceeding expectations along the way.

Company-provided masks, hand sanitizer, clean keys, and a repurposed school bus all played a hand in keeping our employees and community safe. In addition, regular town hall meetings, Microsoft Teams, and the TeamApp kept employees socially distanced and still informed.

In the wake of our country’s protests over individual differences and injustices, Team360’s newest committee updated the company’s mission, vision, and core beliefs demanding the continued commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I).

Participation with Habitat for Humanity, another year of increased donations to United Way, and answering a neighbor’s call are only a handful of ways employees were able to give back and help better the communities we serve daily.

“Last year showed our employees power and resilience to adapt and overcome when called on. Being essential, they needed to show up every day and continue to make sure our communities had the products they needed. They never skipped a beat. My sincerest Thank You and Well Done goes out to everyone company-wide.” – Lori Baisden (Human Resource Director)

To find out all the details on how Boxley employees went above and beyond the call of duty, read our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report. For all things, Boxley, throughout the year follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram.

2019 Corporate Responsibility Report

Engaged! This one powerful word so aptly describes our Boxley 360: Corporate Responsibility Program last year. Our employee-led Team 360 hit its stride by setting goals and being accountable for achieving these goals. Their enthusiasm and determination were contagious. Employees across the company participated in countless ways to improve our operations, get healthier and support the communities we serve. Everyone had a lot of fun along the way.

2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

On behalf of our leadership team, we are proud to share the 2018 Boxley 360 Corporate Responsibility Report that highlights our progress this past year. We share this report to be accountable and hope that some of our experiences and learnings may be useful to you and your organization.

2017 Corporate Responsibility Report

As part of our company transformation, Boxley’s leadership team appointed a group of employees from across all business lines to find innovative ways to take Boxley’s corporate citizenship efforts to the next level. Named Team 360, this group has exceeded expectations by using their talents, passion, and creativity to expand our corporate responsibility program into a well-organized, employee-driven effort this past year.

2016 Corporate Responsibility Report

First quarter 2016, Boxley joined the Summit Materials family of companies which served as the springboard for this journey forward. The result is a Boxley that is developing greater operational and administrative efficiencies, innovative product offerings, and ways of thinking to better serve our customers, employees, and communities in the years ahead. We share this report not only to be accountable, but with the hope that some of our experiences and learnings may be useful to you and your organization. In keeping with our sustainable practices, we largely distribute this report electronically which also makes it easier to share with others.

2015 Corporate Responsibility Report

Boxley’s long history of success is built on our ability to be agents of change. Last year marked the beginning of several transformative initiatives at Boxley. We sold our West Virginia operations to Oldcastle Materials, and Boxley Materials in Virginia joined the Summit Materials family of companies. We are proud to launch the first edition of our Boxley 360: 2015 Corporate Responsibility Report. As always, we publish this report to be both accountable for our actions as a corporate citizen as well as to share best practices and ideas that may be useful to you and your organization. In keeping with our sustainable practices, we largely distribute this report electronically which also makes it easier to share with others.

2014 Corporate Responsibility Report

A cleaner environment makes for healthier communities. With that in mind, the Green Team chose to expand our sustainability efforts in 2014 beyond Boxley and into the communities we serve. We hope you and the 2014 Sustainability Report useful and enjoyable as we share the results of our own operational efforts and the great work and fun our employees had making our communities healthier places to live, work and play.

2013 Corporate Responsibility Report

Boxley’s current and future leaders must have an appreciation of the positive impact environmentally sustainable operations and products have on our business and the communities we serve. With this in mind, representatives from each of the company’s business lines are chosen to serve on Boxley’s Green Team each year as part of their leadership development program. We appreciate their hard work!