Friday, January 8, 2021

Boxley Breaking Ground on I-81 Bridge

Boxley’s Wytheville ready-mix location won the bid to supply 4,000 yards of concrete to reconstruct the current 60-year-old bridge on I-81 crossing Reed Creek in Wythe County.

 During a pour, our caravan of trucks carry up to 10 yards per truck in a constant rotation, keeping construction on track for the expected Spring 2021 completion.

The pillars that support the bridge are poured section by section with metal bracings installed along the way to secure those sections together. Because this job is along a riverbank, it requires a concrete bucket, up to one cubic yard in size, to get filled then hosted with a crane to complete the pour.

          “We put more than knowledge and precision into creating our quality mixes. Boxley’s heart goes into every pour that will allow travelers safe passage for decades to come.” Johan Van Eeden (Quality Control Technician)

Make sure to check back to follow along with this unique project and others that we are completing in the area.