Boxley has the knowledge and experience to provide the expertise you need on a variety of asphalt paving projects. We realize that each project requires its own set of specifications that must be carefully considered to meet the needs of that unique application.

Asphalt Paving Contractors

You can trust Boxley to serve as your full-service contractor for your asphalt paving projects. Our top-quality products and professional crews are the foundation for all aspects of your project: site prep and grading, concrete for curb and gutter work, paving, asphalt mix design, and maintenance.

Asphalt Maintenance

Boxley provides long-term, cost-effective services to keep your asphalt pavement in solid condition. Our solutions for roadway maintenance and paving projects will keep both public and private applications operable well into the future. We can design a custom maintenance schedule or tend to projects on an as-needed basis.

Slurry Seal

Slurry Seal is a fast-moving process with a rapid curing time that offers minimal inconvenience to the traveling public. It is a black, durable, dust-free surface that fills cracks and surface imperfections, while offering excellent skid resistance for motorists.

Parking Lot Paving

Boxley’s parking lot capabilities include building it to withstand everyday use and provide maintenance work when the rigors of time and wear require it. We perform microsurfacing and paving to your specification. We also remove and dispose of the previous surface, as well as conduct line striping, patching, and ADA compliance.

Streets & Highways

We’re honored to have a part in keeping Virginia moving with the crews and equipment necessary to handle the most demanding roadway and construction jobs – in the safest manner possible. Our VDOT-approved labs and certified technicians design, test and monitor asphalt pavements to ensure the quality of the material produced at our plants meets stringent job specifications.

Specialty Paving

Boxley paves a majority of the airports, tennis courts, tracks, and other unique paving projects in our service area. Certified by the Virginia Department of Transportation, our asphalt mixes allow us to work on a variety of federal paving projects, including pathways, parking lots for parks and other federal properties.

Available for Pick-up or Installation

Tech Specs

Boxley’s Lynchburg and Salem asphalt plants have earned the Diamond Achievement Commendation from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). To reach this status, a plant must show that it emphasizes continued improvement in six areas: appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permitting and regulatory compliance, and community relations.


Safety is Set in Stone

Safety is at the heart of The Boxley Way, our approach to doing business and serving our customers. Boxley’s safety culture is of the upmost importance to the company, reinforced by our safety leadership team, our drivers out on the roads and our facilities operating under strict safety-first policies and procedures.
Safety Data Sheets

Boxley Saftey

Greener Smarter Better

We’re proud of the recognition Boxley has earned in making our operations and products more environmentally sustainable. View the achievements of our asphalt plants.