Like most things at Boxley, quality control begins with our customer partnerships. Whether it's regular aggregate or a custom product that only we can provide, our goal is to meet each customer's high-quality standards.
That's why we developed our own quality control system called "QMS."  It's a keystone of The Boxley Way.


QMS stands for Quality Measurement System. With it, we grade each stone quarry's quality performance in three very important areas:

  1. Sampling Frequency - A measure of how often product samples are taken. This ensures that everyone at Boxley is keeping a close eye on the quality of our products.
  2. Consistency or Standard Deviation - This measures variation (changes in the size distribution of material) within a single product. Product consistency is crucial to a quality product.
  3. Passing Samples - A measure of the percentage of all the samples run at each quarry that meets the customer specification.

A stone quarry's QMS score is determined by averaging the grade (percent) of these three areas. The QMS goal for each plant is 90%.

Boxley lab technicians also perform annual physical property testing of the products from each quarry. These include:

  • Specific Gravity (useful for determining asphalt and concrete mixes)
  • Unit Weight (useful in determining the amount of product needed)
  • LA Abrasion Test (durability)
  • Soundness Test (tests how freezing and thawing affects aggregate quality)

These test results are reported in the annual Product Data Sheet, which is available to customers.


Tech Specs

Boxley produces aggregate that meets AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) specifications. Each stone quarry produces different gradations and sizes based on market demand and plant capacity. Our product data sheets listed below provide specific details on each product specification.

Safety is Set in Stone

Safety is at the heart of The Boxley Way, our approach to doing business and serving our customers. Boxley’s safety culture is of the upmost importance to the company, reinforced by our safety leadership team, our drivers out on the roads, and our facilities operating under strict safety-first policies and procedures. 

Boxley Saftey

Greener Smarter Better

We’re proud of the recognition Boxley has earned in making our operations and products more environmentally sustainable. View the achievements of our aggregate quarries.