When you need to build a wall, look no further than ReCon Walls.

At Boxley, we strive every day to be responsible stewards of the environment and develop managers into sustainability-minded leaders through service on our Green Team. Each year, we produce a Sustainability Report to share with our customers, partners and communities to report on our efforts. Here are a few highlights from our 2014 Sustainability Report:

As part of our commitment to sustainability and green production, we've invested in a new asphalt plant in Lynchburg, VA. This Astec Double Barrel Drum Asphalt plant is the future of asphalt production at Boxley.

One of the biggest considerations in our decision-making processes here at Boxley is how our actions, products and processes affect the environment around us. Our vernal pools project at Piney River Quarry is a perfect example of how we work to preserve wildlife habit as part of our operational planning.

To preserve a vernal pool that was within our mining operation, we worked with two nationally recognized wetlands experts, Boxley employees, and other volunteers to conduct the first known transplant of a vernal pool in Virginia—home to several rare species, including the fairy shrimp and the big-headed mole salamander.

The construction industry isn’t widely known for being “green, ” but Boxley is working to change that. 
All of our concrete plants throughout Virginia are Green-Star Certified by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association. Green-Star Certification recognizes concrete companies that maintain Environmental Management Systems that reduce, if not eliminate, negative environmental impacts resulting from operations.

While more at home on solid ground, members of the Boxley Green Team took to the water on Saturday to compete in the 2016 Recycled Regatta, a fundraiser for the Clean Valley Council of the Roanoke Valley.

All competing boats had to be made of recycled materials and built by employees of the entering organization. Named the SS Yabba Dabba Doo, Boxley’s boat was cobbled together from cast-off wooden pallets, waxed cardboard and product wrap from Boxley hardscapes. Despite its questionable water-worthiness, Boxley’s SS Yabba Dabba Doo brought home a second place finish with Captain Tom Miles and First Mate Bo Farr aboard.

Congratulations and special thanks to Green Team members James Breakell, Tom Roller, Tom Miles and Bo Farr for their boat building skills and sailing efforts! Stay tuned for more Green Team events in the coming months.