Wildlife Habitat

We typically use less than 50% of the acreage we have permitted in our quarry operations to create a significant buffer between our operations and our neighbors. This large buffer is typically used for wildlife habitat. We conducted baseline habitat inventories and created conceptual plans for habitat enhancement and environmental education at four of our operations. These studies guide our reclamation practices and are used to educate classes from preschool to graduate level.

Reforestation and Timber Management

Since 2006 Boxley has planted over 75,000 trees on our properties. Our reforestation initiative isn't just about planting seedlings, but nurturing healthy forests. Proper timber management is also essential for healthy wildlife habitat, soil conservation, and fire prevention, which benefit property owners and their neighbors. To better manage our wooded properties we enlist the assistance of professional foresters to conduct the occasional thinning required to promote growth and reduce insect infestation.

Water and Air

Air and water monitoring systems at each operation help ensure compliance with federal and state regulations. Washing vehicle wheels and spraying our roads with recycled water keep dust from our operations to a minimum. Self-contained systems to recycle water for production processing and dust control minimize fresh water usage.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

In 2013, employees kept 124,989 tons of waste material out of landfills and recycled 12,072 gallons of oil and antifreeze by seeking ways to reduce, reuse or recycle waste. Since 2009, we have increased our percentage of recycled materials by 1100%.