Paving General
General Paving and Construction Services

We provide a variety of general construction services, including:

  • Grading
  • Asphalt paving
  • Concrete curb and guttering
  • Surface treatment
  • Slurry seal
  • Pavement maintenance

Airport Paving

Airport construction requires great attention to detail and precision in all phases of a paving operation. We proudly provide services to Lynchburg Regional Airport, Farmville Regional Airport, Falwell Airport, Brookneal/Campbell County Airport and Roanoke Regional Airport.

Tennis Courts

A tennis court is a challenging project that demands precision and quality from the ground up. We can build your tennis court turnkey, including fencing and surface texturing.

Pavement Maintenance Program

Our pavement maintenance program provides long-term, cost-effective solutions for highway maintenance and paving for both the public and private sectors.

Pavement maintenance methods such as slurry and micro-surfacing chip sealing and crack treatment provide several sustainable benefits, including:

  • Consuming less aggregate and binder
  • Reducing demolition, hauling and disposal of old pavements
  • Reducing waste, emissions and greenhouse gases
  • Shortening the time between treatment and drivability, reducing traffic delays and the associated greenhouse gas emissions

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment, or "tar and chip," is a cost-effective paving solution that seals stone base and saves the owner from buying loads of stone year after year. We spray liquid asphalt over a stone or paved surface. Before the liquid cures, we apply a thin layer of aggregate evenly over the liquid and use a roller to fully embed it.

Surface Treatment is an excellent application for driveways, parking lots and roadways. In fact, much of VDOT's Secondary Road System is made up of surface-treated roads. A surface-treated road can also be overlaid with asphalt at any time in the future.