Boxley Paving

Boxley provides paving contracting and maintenance services in addition to its high quality asphalt .

Streets and Highways

We are proud to help keep Virginia moving with the professional crews and equipment necessary to handle the toughest road maintenance and construction jobs from beginning to end in the safest manner. Our services include site prep and grading, salve milling and recycling, asphalt production, paving, curb and guttering, and striping. Our VDOT-approved, on-site labs and VDOT-certified technicians design, test, and monitor asphalt pavements to ensure the quality of the material produced at our plants meets stringent job specifications.

Commercial Services

Expertise matters. Knowing the difference between building a church parking lot and a parking lot for a retail distribution center is essential for a successful project. We have the knowledge and capacity to build the parking lot to best suit your needs turnkey, from dumpster pads to signs and line striping.

Site Prep/Grading

Asphalt pavement is only as sound as the base underneath. Our grading crews have the experience and the equipment to build your job right from the ground up. From excavating and cutting subgrade to fine-grading and stone placement, Boxley will have your site ready when it comes time to pave.

Curb and Gutter

We provide high-quality Boxley concrete and our professional crews to construct the curb and gutter to complete your asphalt paving project.

Tennis Courts

A tennis court is a challenging project that demands precision and quality, from the ground up. We can build your tennis court turnkey, including fencing and surface-texturing.


Airport construction requires great attention to detail and precision in all phases of the paving operation. Boxley is proud to be a service provider of asphalt paving and construction services to airports throughout Central Virginia.


Slurry Seal is a fast-moving process with a rapid curing time that offers minimal inconvenience to the traveling public. It is a black, durable, dust-free surface that fills in cracks and surface imperfections while offering excellent skid resistance for motorists.