qcg-red-175Finding The Right Concrete Products

Whether it's a standard 3,000 psi non-air footer mix or a 4,000 psi wall mix, or a specialty mix, Boxley has a concrete product that will get the job done.

Standard Mixes, including:

  • 3000 psi
  • 3500 psi - Most commonly used for: flatwork, footers, and foundations
  • 4000 psi - Most commonly used for: slabs on grade, walls
  • 4500 psi
  • 5000 psi - Most commonly used for: projects where high strength is critical

Hi Early Mixes
When design strength needs to be achieved in less than 28 days, our VDOT approved Hi Early mixes will achieve design strength in 7 or as few as 3 days.

We pride ourselves in getting concrete design strengths faster to help get the customer on the job faster, improving project schedules.

Specialty Concrete Mixes
We offer specialty mixes such as pervious concrete, colored concrete, or large stone slab mixes and many others.