All of our Green Star-certified concrete plants are strategically located to assure delivery of quality Boxley concrete, on time and in spec. Our sizeable fleet, experienced personnel, and state-of-the-art dispatching ensure your quality concrete is all set to be delivered precisely when you need it — day or night.

And, our portable concrete plants enable us to produce the same quality at remote or large job sites.

We offer a variety of certified mixes and the technical know-how to create a customized mix for your job. All of our plants offer hot and cold water capabilities to help keep your job on schedule regardless of the season. Our on-site quality control labs test every concrete batch, for quality, strength and durability providing peace of mind that your concrete will be the same load after load.

Concrete Mix Design

A great mix results in a better finish. We balance the requirements for placeability, strength, durability, density and appearance with economy to create the right mix for your project, at the right price for your bid.

Your Boxley team can create concrete mixes for a variety of applications, including:

  • Flatwork such as sidewalks, footers, and foundations
  • Gradework
  • Wallwork

Concrete Additives

Concrete additives can improve the overall properties of a mix, enabling you to work faster and resulting in a better-finished product.

Some of the additives we use include:

Air entrainment - helps prevent freeze/thaw cracking

Fly ash - is commonly added to the cement portion of the mix

Water reducer - gives concrete more workability without weakening the mix

Superplasticizers - improves workability, added at job site by Boxley technician

Retarder - slows the curing process for long-distance delivery or to give the contractor more time to work the concrete

Accelerators - increases the rate of early strength development and/or shortens setting time

Fiber additives - reinforces concrete and protects against plastic shrinkage and cracking


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