Asphalt Green Image

What we make

Asphalt is an all-natural, clean choice and is America’s number one recycled material by weight. Recycled asphalt is an integral part of Boxley’s production process. We use the stone and asphalt cement from reclaimed asphalt we have milled to make new pavement. Currently, VDOT allows up to 30% RAP in their asphalt mixes.

Our porous asphalt pavement is designed for parking lots and roadways that serve as a stormwater storage site and infiltration system. These pavement designs benefit the environment by limiting stormwater discharge and benefit the economy by reducing and/or eliminating runoff detention facilities.

Boxley Pavement Maintenance services help extend pavement life and reduce the amount of new material needed.

How we make it

Our modern Astec® asphalt plants run cleanly on natural gas with warm mix technology, which produces asphalt mixtures at a lower temperature. Lower production temperatures result in less fuel consumption, fewer emissions and less odor.

Boxley is proud to have earned the Diamond Achievement Commendation for Excellence in Asphalt Plant/Site Operations from the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA).

The NAPA Diamond Achievement Commendation addresses six essential facets of the asphalt plant/site: appearance, operations, environmental practices, safety, permitting and regulatory compliance, and community relations.

Green Construction

The LEED Green Building Rating System serves as a scorecard for the design, construction, and operation of green buildings. Pavement type selection can contribute directly to LEED credits. Credits can be earned in these ways:

  • Porous asphalt systems earn credit for stormwater management.
  • Light-colored asphalt helps to mitigate the urban heat island effect.
  • Recycled asphalt pavement and the use of asphalt with high percentages of RAP (reclaimed asphalt pavement) make asphalt eligible for credits under the materials and resources heading.
  • Local asphalt pavement production can earn credits for materials and resources.
  • Warm-mix asphalt offers several advantages that support sustainable development.