Like most things at Boxley, quality control begins with our partnership with customers. Whether it's regular aggregate or a custom product that only we can provide, our goal is to meet each customer's high quality standards.

That's why we developed our own quality control system called "QMS".  It's a keystone of The Boxley Way.


QMS stands for Quality Measurement System. With it we grade each quarry's quality performance in three very important areas:

  1. Sampling frequency - A measure of how often product samples are taken. This ensures that everyone at Boxley is keeping a close eye on the quality of our products.
  2. Consistency or Standard Deviation - This measures variation, changes in the size distribution of material, within a single product. Product consistency is crucial to a quality product.
  3. Passing Samples - A measure of the percentage of all the samples run at each quarry that meet the customer specification.

A quarry's QMS score is determined by averaging the grade (percent) of these three areas. The QMS goal for each plant is 90%.

Boxley lab technicians at each plant also perform annual physical property testing of the products from each quarry. These include:

  • Specific Gravity (useful for determining asphalt and concrete mixes)
  • Unit Weight (useful in determining the amount of product needed)
  • LA Abrasion Test (durability)
  • Soundness Test (tests how freezing and thawing affects aggregate quality)

These test results are reported in the annual Product Data Sheet, which is available to customers.