qcg-red-175Think about Boxley aggregate and the first word that comes to mind is QUALITY. We won’t have it any other way. Our continued investment in Virginia aggregate manufacturing equipment and technology enable us to produce a wide variety of crushed limestone, granite and sandstone consistent in size and shape.

Our quality processes are the foundation of all our aggregate sizes, from rip-rap to sand. We typically produce stone in sizes that are in high demand, according to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) size gradations, such as:

 Image of Boxley aggregate in virginia.

Base Stone

Classified by VDOT specifications #25, #26, 21A, & 21B. These products are used for stabilization beneath asphalt and concrete paving for parking lots and highways. Base stone can also be treated with cement.

Coarse Aggregate

Consists of #5, #56, #57, #68, #78, and #8. These products are typically used in asphalt and concrete mixes and can also be used on driveways and for septic systems.

Image of coarse aggregate from Boxley in virginia.
 Image of fine aggregate from Boxley in Virginia.

Fine Aggregate/Manufactured Sand

Consists of #10, #36 Grade A sand, #9, and B & C Slurry. The #10 and #36 Grade A sand are used in asphalt and concrete mixes and applications that require sand. The #9 and B & C slurry material is used for ice control to ensure better traction during inclement weather, surface treatment and slurry applications on highways.

In addition, Boxley produces fine aggregate products (manufactured sands). Most Boxley Virginia quarries produce A-grading sand, but some also produce B-grading sand.


Large rocks used along shorelines of rivers and lakes to help control erosion as well as drainage structures and sediment control channels/ditches. Rip-Rap is also used in landscaping. Classified by VDOT as Class A-1 (25-75 lbs), Class I (50-149 lbs), Class II (150-499 lbs) and Class III (500-1500 lbs).

Image of rip-rap aggregate from Boxley in Virginia.
 Image of lime aggregate from Boxley in Virginia.

Agricultural Lime

Used by farmers and homeowners to raise the PH level in soils to promote healthy fields and lawns.

Other Material...

#1, #2, #3, #357, and #30 surge. Used for logging and farms roads as well as construction entrances where heavy truck traffic is needed in wetter than normal conditions.


Image of aggregate produced by Boxley in virginia.