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2023 Corporate Sustainability Report

Boxley 360, our corporate social responsibility program, drives Boxley’s ongoing commitment to be an outstanding employer, business partner, and corporate citizen. The program is led by Team 360, a dedicated group of employees representing all facets of our business. Our Summit Mission, Vision, and Values guide our Team 360 employee leaders in choosing initiatives that make a meaningful impact in our communities and for our employees. Their enthusiasm and drive for the pursuit of excellence are contagious, as demonstrated in this year’s report. We are proud of them and their work and look forward to another great year of connecting with our communities in 2024.

Helping Virginia Stay Beautiful

Buckingham Slate Adopt A Highway Sign

Across Boxley, a company of Summit Materials, our employees organize and perform road and river cleanups to help keep the communities we live and work in clean and beautiful.

Our aggregate and slate team at Arvonia Quarry/Buckingham Slate adopted a two-mile stretch of Rt. 15 near our location.

Led by Frank Davis, the Lynchburg Asphalt Plant Crew adopted a portion of John Capron Road near our plant.

Boxley Materials Adopt A Highway Sign

And we’re not stopping there.

Stay tuned as employees take to the water later this year for the first Craig’s Creek clean-up since COVID and the annual Smith River clean-up.

And stay up to date with what our employees are doing at work and in the community by following us on  Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram!

2022 Corporate Responsibility Report

Boxley 360, our corporate social responsibility program, drives Boxley’s ongoing commitment to be an outstanding employer, business partner, and corporate citizen. This effort is led by a group of dynamic and committed employees chosen from all facets of our company called Team 360.

In addition to their daily business and personal responsibilities, Team 360 members continually step up and go the extra mile to find meaningful ways to engage with our employees, customers and communities, exemplifying our values. We are inspired by the energy, ideas and commitment of Team 360, and look forward to their continued success as they drive Boxley’s pursuit of excellence in all we do.

Tom Roller
Director of Support Services

Boxley Engineer Builds a Better Future

National Engineers Week is a great time to acknowledge the vital role our engineers play in maintaining and improving our operations at Boxley, a company of Summit Materials. This year’s theme is Creating the Future, and that’s exactly what our team does. Their work enhances safety, makes our mining operations more efficient and sustainable, and supports productivity to help us better serve our customers now and into the future.

With this year’s theme in mind, we talked to Cody Flint, Mine Superintendent, about his experience as an engineer and how he’s helping create the future at Boxley.

Cody discovered Boxley at a career fair while finishing his Mining Engineering degree at Virginia Tech. Realizing the opportunities associated with working for us, he started an internship, then moved on to our Management Trainee Program, then progressed to Project Manager before landing in his current position at Piney River.

“Boxley’s Management Trainee program was a great experience and exposed me to the many different sides of Boxley in and out of the mine and prepared me to take on positions of increasing responsibility.” – Cody

With his education and training history guiding him, Cody looks at the big picture of the operations and brainstorms ways to improve its safety, sustainability, and productivity for the long run. The team at Piney works together to mitigate safety risks daily and takes care of the surrounding area to protect local waterways and natural habitats, leading to more uptime for product production.

“It’s an awesome feeling knowing the improvements made today will have a positive impact on the employees, customers, and the communities for many years to come.” – Cody

If you have interest or questions about pursuing a career within the Summit Materials family, please contact Manisha Hall at (540) 777-7613. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram to stay up to date on what’s happening throughout the company.

Boxley Hosts Science Teachers for Summer Field Trip

What could spell more fun than a teachers-only summer field trip to visit Boxley’s Arvonia quarry to experience geology up close, collect rock samples, and learn about modern mining in Virginia?

On June 24, Boxley’s Arvonia Virginia location, where our iconic Buckingham® Slate is produced, was proud to be one of four host quarries for the Virginia Association of Science Teachers (VAST) Rockin’ PD (professional development) event held in partnership with the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) and  Friends of Mineralogy-Virginia Chapter.

Teachers started the morning with a lesson on safety, products, history, and the important role quarries play in a community. Then the adventure began with a geology overview and a tour of our quarry and operations. Each teacher left with Rock Kits and Fill Up Bags to utilize in their future lesson plans.

“It was a pleasure to get selected for this opportunity to bring these educators out. We got to show them not only what we offer as a business but most importantly how we can work together to educate younger generations,” said Spencer Young, Superintendent of Arvonia.

Boxley has a long history of working with schools and teachers through our Explore the Earth geology presentation and quarry tour that meets Virginia’s 5th-grade SOL standards.

If you are an educator interested in setting up an Explore the Earth quarry tour for your students at one of our locations throughout southwest and central Virginia, please contact us at or 1(888) 442-8878.

2021 Corporate Responsibility Report

More than ever, Boxley’s Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs served as our north star to guide us through the challenges of these past two years and keep us on a course of excellence.

As the pandemic relentlessly ground on throughout 2021, Boxley employees stayed focused and committed to serving our customers, helping our communities and supporting one another. We couldn’t be prouder of what our team achieved, and are pleased to share the 2021 Boxley 360 Corporate Responsibility Report. We share this report to be accountable for our actions, and hope that some of our experiences and learnings may be useful to you and your organization.

Celebrating a Boxley Engineer’s Impactful Career

Being an engineer in today’s modern construction materials operation affords the exciting opportunity to apply the spectrum of engineering skills from structural design and fabrication, installation of high-tech operating equipment, and environmental design to assure a responsible, well-run operation. None may know this better than our very own George Honeycutt, an engineering technician who has been a dedicated employee for the past 43 years.

George Honeycutt

George spent hours as a kid building machines and structures at home before pursuing his natural knack with mechanics by attending North Carolina State for two years, majoring in Math and Engineering. However, life had other plans, which didn’t include graduating. After getting married, George worked at a big steel fabricator engineering office before moving on to Wise County, VA, where he installed a system to make mine safety dust. His work, driven by his enthusiasm, led to the project owner putting George in charge of his three quarry operations.

In 1978, George found his home at Boxley. First, as the Superintendent at our Martinsville Plant, then transferring to Blue Ridge in 1981. When the prospect of joining the engineering department popped up in 1992, George jumped at the opportunity and has been there ever since.

“If you’re doing something you love, you won’t feel like it’s work. Instead, you will find yourself immersed in your work and have fun doing it! Follow whatever occupation you gravitate to, be the best at what you do, and go to the best company you can find to start your career,” advises George.

George’s passion for his work and dedication to the Boxley way has made him a well-known, beloved face and personality around our locations. He’s played an integral role in countless projects’ success, from structural design and fabrication through project management to assuring specifications are followed regarding the strength and safety of the materials. Once construction is complete, the start-up begins. An engineer’s job is done when all the goals are achieved and the operators are familiar with the process and maintenance required.

At Boxley, closing one project just means ‘on to the next.’ Engineers like George stay busy year-round orchestrating projects across the different business lines to ensure our employees, customers, and vendors are safe when on our property.

“It is very gratifying to be involved in all the phases and see everything come to fruition,” he added.

As George heads toward the next phase of his life, there’s no doubt the impact he’s had on this company will remind the future of what can get accomplished when you follow your heart. We are grateful for the positive impact he has made, not only as an outstanding engineer but as an effective leader and teammate.

“Nearing retirement, I have found this to be the best job, and the best company one could ever expect. No regrets!”

If you have interest or questions about pursuing a career within the Summit Materials family or would like to learn more about the Management Trainee Program, please reach out to Manisha Hall at (540) 777-7613.

2020 CSR Report | Resilience In Action

While 2020 had many people slowing down, Boxley employees kept their foot on the gas to ensure the company met its Corporate Responsibility Commitments. Remaining open for business looked a little different, and there were hurdles to overcome but our employees were up to the challenge—exceeding expectations along the way.

Company-provided masks, hand sanitizer, clean keys, and a repurposed school bus all played a hand in keeping our employees and community safe. In addition, regular town hall meetings, Microsoft Teams, and the TeamApp kept employees socially distanced and still informed.

In the wake of our country’s protests over individual differences and injustices, Team360’s newest committee updated the company’s mission, vision, and core beliefs demanding the continued commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I).

Participation with Habitat for Humanity, another year of increased donations to United Way, and answering a neighbor’s call are only a handful of ways employees were able to give back and help better the communities we serve daily.

“Last year showed our employees power and resilience to adapt and overcome when called on. Being essential, they needed to show up every day and continue to make sure our communities had the products they needed. They never skipped a beat. My sincerest Thank You and Well Done goes out to everyone company-wide.” – Lori Baisden (Human Resource Director)

To find out all the details on how Boxley employees went above and beyond the call of duty, read our 2020 Corporate Responsibility Report. For all things, Boxley, throughout the year follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram.

Hats Off to Boxley Drivers 

This National Truck Drivers Week, all of us at Boxley want to give a big shout-out and deep appreciation to our Boxley truck drivers for traveling 2,829,668 miles and achieving ZERO lost time incidents in 2019. Boxley truck drivers are an essential pillar of our business to ensure our quality products make it safely to customers. Our drivers show up every day and deliver on Boxley’s high standard of excellence. Continue reading “Hats Off to Boxley Drivers “